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Backflow Testing

Shaw's Plumbing and Gas are fully certified to carry out the testing, installation, repair and maintenance of backflow prevention devices. We regularly service ‘RPZD’s’, ‘Check Valves’ and ‘Double Check Valves’.

Backflow contamination occurs when unwanted water enters back through the potable water supply, creating a risk of impure and contaminated water in your home. To prevent contaminated water from taking over your home, certified backflow prevention measures are required. 


Here are some of the reasons why backflow testing and prevention is essential:

  • Contamination prevention (harmful chemicals and contaminants) 

  • Public health prevention (waterborne diseases)

  • Safe water supply (quality drinking water)

  • Regulation compliance (check QLD laws)

  • Liability reduction (for businesses using backflow prevention measures)

  • Prevents water waste (backflow events can waste water supply and increase bills)

  • Reliability (prevent damages to your plumbing system)

  • Environmental protection (prevent harmful contaminants from entering ecosystems)

  • Insurance and certification (businesses may be required to have these measures, and insurance providers may require you to have them as well)

Some of the more common backflow contamination locations we have attended to includes:

  • Baths and some showers

  • Garbage bays and washdown areas

  • Washing bays for vehicles and machinery

  • Laundry taps that have a spout extensions/hoses running off them

  • Baths

  • Kitchen taps that have retractable nozzles

  • Bidets

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