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We provide online bookings for simple services that are listed below.
See our service area here to ensure we are within reach.

Please call us to book more complex services such as emergency plumbing services, hot water systems, renovations etc. ​

If you need a plumbing service to be booked for now or within the next 2 days, please call us to book. 

Please note:

  • Booking time durations are only rough estimates. Each case is different and may vary in lengths.

  • Online bookings are only available for bookings 2 days or more in advance. Call us for earlier bookings.

  • We may call you to confirm your booking, request details/photos, or adjust booking times.

  • Booking times are not set in stone until you receive confirmation from us. Until then, we may request to change booking times with you due to emergency services, delays, weather, and tradesmen availability.

  • The more information you provide us with, the more efficient and hassle-free we will be. Try to provide details of specific locations, product identification, observations, assumptions etc. 

  • For pricing and quotes, please call us or request a free online quote.

Online Booking Services

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