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How do I know if I need a plumber?

If you suspect water leaks, clogged drains, burst pipes or hoses, have no hot water, low water pressure or need any installation service, then you should call a plumber.

Do you charge by the hour?

In business hours, we have a minimum call out fee that covers the first 30 minutes of labour, following this, we charge in 15 minute increments. Contact us for further details.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept direct debit, bank transfer, credit card (incurs a 1.9% transaction fee), and cheques.

How can I clear a blocked drain?

Try using a plunger, pouring boiling water, a baking soda and vinegar solution, or a chemical drain cleaner.

If none of these methods work, you should call a plumber. You can also take preventative action

Can a plumber install a dishwasher/ washing machine?

Yes, this is quite a common service. We can help to install and uninstall dishwashers, washing machines and more.


Do you do gas fitting?

Yes, we provide gas fitting services.

This includes the install and uninstall of gas cooktops, ovens and other appliances, gas maintenance, gas hot water systems, gas leaks and more. 

Can a plumber help with my house renovation?

Our plumbers are highly experienced with renovations and new builds. We can help with both residential and commercial projects and work with a number of other tradesmen to accomplish your goals.

Do you provide emergency 24/7 plumbing services?

Yes! We can attend to your plumbing problem 24/7. Contact us today.

Call out fees and after hours fees do apply.

Should I install an isolation valve?

We always recommend people to install isolation switches when given the chance, as they are important in preventing leaks and bursts from damaging your home if they occur. An isolation switch, often seen supporting flexihoses, can isolate a water supply whenever you wish to prevent water from flowing through a particular system.

How can I fix leaking or stiff taps?

First, you should turn off the water supply. If you feel confident, you can attempt to fix the issue yourself by following online tutorials or by examining the parts of the tap that might be damaged. However, there is always a risk of creating further damage.

Therefore, we recommend to call a plumber for issues like this.

I suddenly have a high water bill, what can I do?

A high water bill is often a sign of a water leak. You should check your house's taps, flexihoses, and toilets for any drips, unusual smells/sounds, or running water. If you can't find anything, try performing a water meter test. If necessary, call a plumber.

How do I do a water meter / leak test?

  1. Take note of dials on water meter

  2. Turn off water supply

  3. Watch water meter dials for 2-10 minutes

  4. If dials are actively moving after all water supply has been turned off, it indicates a water leak somewhere

  5. Contact us to help you locate and repair your water leak

What should I do if I can smell gas?

You should immediately call a gas fitter or emergency services 000 if necessary. 

Evacuate the premises and warn your neighbors if you feel it is necessary.

Do not ignite any flames, do not attempt to fix or locate the issue yourself, and do not touch any electrical switches.

What should I do if I run out of hot water?

If you have a LPG gas hot water system, check whether you need to replace or switch your gas canisters. 

For a natural gas or electrical hot water system, try to determine whether the issue originates in the pipework or the hot water system itself.

Once you have found some information about the problem, call a plumber and we will be able to resolve your issue. You may need repairs or a replacement hot water system.

Do you provide electrical services?

No. We do not provide any electrical services, we purely work with plumbing and gas fitting. We can work alongside electricians and other tradesmen to resolve an issue or complete a project, however we cannot perform electrical work ourselves. 

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