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shaws plumbing and gas leak detection under kitchen sink pipes high tech equipment

Leak Detection


Over the years, the Shaw’s Plumbing and Gas team have refined our leak detection process to streamline the process. This has involved a lot of ‘hard-earned’ lessons along the way and of course, the aid of modern technology. 

This is how we typically address a water leak call-out:

  • Your call is taken and any emergency advice is offered immediately e.g. how to isolate the water supply to stop the leak, etc.

  • We'll book in a technician to attend to your property. Obviously emergencies take priority.

  • Our technician applies their experience and equipment to diagnose the leak source.

  • Once we know what the problem is, the client is informed with repair options.

  • If the client agrees, the repair is carried out.

  • If repairs are required beyond our scope of work, other trades will be required.

  • Your home is restored and everyone is happy.

Read the blog posts below to become aware of the signs of a water leak

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