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Reminder: CHECK YOUR FLEXI HOSES ! (and how)

Updated: Apr 9

Check your flexihoses!

Did you know flexi hose ruptures are one of the leading causes of insurance claims in Australia today? Prevent your home from flooding with these simple tips!


  • Flexi hoses are only designed to last 5 to 10 years.

  • They are prone to rupture, potentially flooding your entire home.

  • A burst flexi hose can release the equivalent water of a swimming pool in 24hrs if no one's home.

  • They should be inspected annually, and replaced regularly.

  • Some brands only offer 1 year warranty, so checking your flexi hose's condition is necessary.

What to look for (pictures seen below):

  1. Bulging hoses

  2. Corrosion and rust

  3. Frayed hoses

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