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Reminder: CHECK YOUR FLEXI HOSES ! (and how)

Updated: Jan 24

Check your flexihoses!

Did you know flexi hose ruptures are one of the leading causes of insurance claims in Australia today? Prevent your home from flooding with these simple tips!


  • Flexi hoses are only designed to last 5 to 10 years.

  • They are prone to rupture, potentially flooding your entire home.

  • A burst flexi hose can release the equivalent water of a swimming pool in 24hrs if no one's home.

  • They should be inspected annually, and replaced regularly.

  • Some brands only offer 1 year warranty, so checking your flexi hose's condition is necessary.

What to look for (pictures seen below):

  1. Bulging hoses

  2. Corrosion and rust

  3. Frayed hoses

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