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Signs of a Leaking Cistern / Toilet

Updated: Jan 24

Like taps, toilets and cisterns will eventually start leaking. Over time the rubber parts wear out and that results in water leaking. Likewise, the rubbers on the outlet of the toilets may also eventually fail, which I’m sure you can imagine, is a less pleasant repair.

Regardless, leaking toilets and leaking cisterns are annoying and in most cases noisy. As the water escapes, the inlet valves do their job and replace the water which can at times sound like someone dragging their fingernails down a chalkboard.

Diagnosis is key with cisterns and toilets. There are a lot of parts, so establishing what the actual problem is takes an experienced eye. In fairness to our customers also, we want to ensure that when replacing one part of the cistern, another is not about to go, so investigation is always in everyone's interest.

Here are some common signs of a leaking cistern or toilet you might experience:

  • Water is running into the bowl.

  • The cistern doesn't fill fast enough (or at all).

  • Toilets don't flush properly.

  • Cisterns makes a screeching noise.

  • There's water dripping from the cistern (clean water).

  • There's water dripping onto the floor when flushed (possibly clean water).

  • There's water leaking from under the toilet (unlikely to be clean water).

Don’t put up with a leaking cistern or toilet. Give us a call and we’ll put the problem to rest for you.

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