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shaws plumbing and gas general maintenance scratch mat bathroom sink

General Maintenance


From taps to toilets, we offer extensive knowledge and experience of general plumbing services - the core of our business. There's almost nothing we haven't seen and resolved. 

Here's some common general plumbing issues we can attend to:

  • Routine plumbing inspections

  • Emergency services (e.g. burst pipes, blocked toilets)

  • Preventative maintenance (e.g. preventative drain cleans)

  • Drain/pipe cleaning, maintenance, and repairs 

  • Fixture maintenance, system upgrades

  • Dripping, leaking, seized and noisy taps

  • Running, dripping, leaking, loud, blocked, overflowing, and non-flushing toilets 

  • Installing and replacing taps, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines

  • Outdoor services (e.g. drains, fixtures, pipes, sump pumps, and appliances)

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